Remain and its worst enemy, itself.

Failure of the Remain side

The first mistake was to assume the Remain voters were better than the Leave voters. They were not, they just shared different views on many things, regardless if we agree or not.
As a consequence (the following is inspired by the brilliant SheRa_Marley on Twitter), they spent three years insulting Leave voters with multiple names (being thick, stupid, etc..) because they thought they had the moral ground and kept bashing how wrong, racist or uneducated they were.
Many commented on the Brexit related job losses with “we told you so, you voted for it, etc…”. However, those are real persons with a right to vote and the Remain side spent three years to insult them.
On the 12th of December, those voters fought back.

Party politics which prioritised tribalism and ideology over country

Yes, the Lib Dems called the 2019 General election. But the context matters.

Failure to understand the electorate

Everyone underestimated the powerful message of Get Brexit done.



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